About our Agreement of Balances Portal

In today’s demanding healthcare environment, NHS organisations face increasing pressure to innovate and operate efficiently while maintaining high standards of care. Advanced IT solutions have become crucial in driving productivity and enhancing effectiveness.

Developed in collaboration with leading NHS institutions, AOB Portal is a sophisticated platform designed to automate a significant portion of NHS financial and technical accounting tasks including Agreement of Balances, Supplier statement reconciliation, Financial reporting, Audit, Credit Control, etc.

AOB Portal is a fully cloud-based solution requiring no installation\setup on local networks. Portal is hosted on a secure UK-based server. Portal security is subject to independent audit and accreditation.

AOB Portal seamlessly integrates with all major financial management systems and shared business services, ensuring smooth data exchange and compatibility. It receives daily updates through a fully automated interface, enhancing its reliability and accuracy.

AOB Portal is fully compliant with all national NHSE guidelines, and its development is governed by the independent User Group.

In essence, AOB Portal is revolutionising NHS Agreement of Balances, day to day credit control, supplier engagement, financial reporting and auditing processes, enabling organisations to improve efficiency and generate significant cost savings.

AOB Financial Solutions Ltd

With over 5 years of operational experience, AOB Portal is currently deployed in approximately 60 NHS organisations across the UK, including Acute Trusts, Mental Health Trusts, Community Trusts, Partnership Trusts, and Integrated Care Boards (ICBs).

"The AOB Portal is governed by the independent User Group. Workshops and User Group meetings are held twice a year to ensure that the product development is fully compliant with all national and local requirements, to share best practice and user training."

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